Shu Dental Laboratory

Established in 1983, Shu Dental Laboratory has brought quality dental products and services to the dental community, and is trusted as one of the best full service dental laboratories and milling centers. After several years of hands on training and experience in working with off-shore laboratories allowed us the insight to open our own facility in 2005. This has given us the advantage of having lower operating costs, higher productivity, and full control over the production process. Our Zhu Hai location is a state of the art facility and is the top leading dental laboratory in China. Currently housing FOUR Zirconia milling machines, several desk top scanners, and Object 260V 3D model, makes the facility a full service milling center with all top state of the art technology. Shu Dental Laboratory has launched our very own Scan Body, E.S.I.T® this is the new very easy and affordable way to restore implants. We are the future of dentistry.