As a promise to our customers, we deliver only the best quality products and services possible using only FDA approved supplies for manufacturing all of our products.  Shu Dental Laboratory is always looking to learn the new cutting edge technology and improve our services to our customers. Currently, we are working with 3Shape and Identica scanners along with an Object 3D printer and several mills.  This gives us the advantage of receiving STL files from any open scanner.  We can print a more accurate resin model and complete your case within a few short days.


After mastering the technique of implants, in 2015 Shu Dental Laboratory launched our very own Scan Body system, Easy Scan Implant Technology, also known as E.S.I.T ®.  This new system is a very easy, affordable alternative to the traditional impression taking for implants.

Our goal is to provide the extra help you need to expand your business at reasonable costs.

The bottom line is your success is our success!