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Shu Dental Lab, is a full service dental lab providing quality work since 1983. We are trusted as one of the best full service dental laboratories and milling centers. Fully equipped with the latest technology and staffed with highly skilled dental technicians. Full milling center equipped with several milling units, scanners, and a 3D printer.  We are fully equipped with the latest CAD/CAM technology and E.S.I.T® Implant systems. 

Our lab provides implant crowns, bridges and dentures from our milling center in 9 business days.  We work with dentists, doctors, orthodontics, and medical college universities. 

We are always looking to learn the new cutting edge technology and improve our services to our customers. Our goal is to provide the extra help you need to expand your business at reasonable, and affordable dental costs. The bottom line is your success is our success!

E.S.I.T ®

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Please check all impressions and models before sending them to us. We will give one week notice before any price changes (except in cases where there has been an extreme change in the international exchange rate or in the alloy market price).

Turn Around:

We require 9 business days to complete all cases; this does not include weekends or holidays. The day we receive the case in our office is the first day, all cases will be returned completed to your office on the 9th business day. If at any time we run into a problem that will affect your delivery date, you will be notified immediately to reschedule. We ask that you please do not schedule your patient on the day of return as we can not guarantee a delivery time. Rush services are available if requested in advance. If a return due date is not specified on your prescriptions we will automatically process the case for 9 business days. Please be advised for all same day/24 hour repairs will be returned to you by end of business day.


All accounts are payable within 30 days of statement date. Accounts not paid within the stated terms will be subject to COD status and a late charge of 2% of the unpaid balance. If accounts reach 45 days past due we will stop all work on the account and you will be turned over to collections. Accounts that are subject to COD will be charged an $11.00 COD fee per delivery. We accept Personal Checks, Certified/Cashier Checks, Direct Bank Transfers, Visa and MasterCard as forms of payment. At any time we hold the right to stop all work on cases until payment is made. There is a $30.00 return check fee.

Shipping and Handling:

 All completed cases will be returned to you free of charge. For all local and carrier costumers please be advised they are on a routed schedule, if you call for a pickup the driver might not be able to make it until the following business day.


We have several doctors with the same name. To avoid any confusion there is a space at the bottom of the prescriptions to write your address. If an address is not provided this will delay the case until we find out what office it belongs to. Please specify on each prescription what type of metal you would like to use. There is a full list to the left that can be checked off for each case. Please have the entire prescriptions filled out in its entirety. This will keep delays down and our quality up.


All remake/re-set cases must be returned with all original materials, Removable crown & bridge, all models. If original product is not returned, you will be charged a second time. When original product is returned to us we will issue a credit if the product was made within one year and is a fault of our laboratory.

Warranty Information:

Our work is covered under a full one year warranty. With the exception of Acrylic Temporary Crowns that will NOT be covered under any warranty. No cases will be accepted for credit after the 1 year mark. Credits will be reviewed to determine if a credit is to be given. You will be charged for any of the following: A shade change is requested, A preparation is re-prepped, or Material of the case is being changed for any case sent back after the 1 year mark even if we question a case regarding the quality of the impression or model and the doctor instructs us to complete as is.