E.S.I.T ® Dental Implant

After mastering the technique of implants, Shu Dental Laboratory has launched our very own Scan Body, Easy Scan Implant Technology, E.S.I.T® this is the new very easy and affordable way to restore dental implants. This is the only scan body on the market that you can also take an impression of. It doesn’t get much easier then this. In just 5 short steps you have a completed implant restoration. With ESIT we are FAST, EASY, ACCURATE, and AFFORDABLE. You get everything you need under one roof! No more UCLA costs, just our reusable scan body! 

ESIT® Easy scan implant technology

Shu Dental Lab - Sca body closeup in patient mouth

Place scan body

  • Remove the healing cap from the patient’s mouth 

 •Place scan body in patient’s mouth  

•Make sure scan body is screwed in and seated all the way  

Scan body is autoclavable to be reused

Intra oral scanner - Shu Dental Lab

Intra oral scan

Take an intra oral scan   

•Send STL file to our laboratory:  shuscan@gmail.com 

 •Remove scan body (keep to reuse)  

Dont have a intra oral scanner?  No problem! Take an impression

Impression, rubber base - Shu Dental Lab


You may also take a rubber base impression with scan body in place  

•Triple tray impressions are best if you have enough occlusion space 

 •Remove scan body (keep to reuse)

Scan of abutment and design process of crown - Shu Dental Lab


We receive the impression or file  

•Our technician will scan the impression and 

design your abutment and crown  

This is where our laboratory does all the magic!

Abutment in patients mouth - Shu Dental Lab

Place abutment

Remove the healing cap from patients mouth  

•Place Abutment in patients mouth  

 You will receive back a resin model with a custom abutment and 

crown of your choice.

Crown seated on Abutment - Shu Dental Lab

Seat Crown

Seat finished crown/bridge on abutment

Send your patient home to enjoy!


Click on a file to download.